Las Colinas Golf & Country Club

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club

With golf increasing in popularity in Spain over the past decades, many more golf courses have been popping up all over Spain. Many courses are regarded as some of the best in Europe and the world. Las Colinas Golf course in no exception ranking as being one of Spain’s top courses. What makes Las Colinas Golf unique is that it is more than just a golf course, it is built on a small community that could be perfect for you, especially if you love golf.

The club sits in a perfect and privileged location within a gated and exclusive residential community. The community is secured 24/7 to put your mind at ease at night and when you are away. Surrounded by hills within a valley, it makes it the perfect place for gold course. Everything is built with the surrounding environment in mind. All buildings including homes as well as the course blend into the environment very well, giving you a sense that you are part of the environment around you. Giving the buildings the low-density area in which many people would love to live within. Overall the entire club covers an area of 330 hectares and is very green, with a 20,000 square metre nature preserve, indigenous vegetation and many citrus fruit trees dotted around the entire resort.

Nearby Activities and Points of Interest

Around the resort there are many activities you can get up to. There are a number of restaurants and many other sport facilities. There is only one entrance into the community and it is through a spectacular canyon-styled entrance.

One of the activities they really like to praise is their International School of Falconry. The school is ran by a small team of experts, who look after the birds, feed the birds and train the birds. Some birds you can enjoy your experience with include, owls, falcons, goshawks and hawks, including the very sociable Harris hawk. You can take a 60-minute tour of the nearby woodland, while doing various activities with the many birds.  This is a great activity for everyone.

You can also get involved with several sporting activities. The club has 4 tennis courts as well as a tennis school for all ages, for you to practise your best backspin. There is also a fantastic gym with a range of apparatus to help you get/or keep fit. The Gym has a view of the tennis courts and children’s playground thanks to the gym being glass fronted. Throughout the nearby woodland there is a very scenic 3km walk which connects to the clubhouse and a natural park. You can go for a nice walk, run or cycle along this trail.

The main clubhouse also offers 2 restaurants for residents and visitors alike. There is the UNiK café which offers a range of international cuisine and the Enso sushibar, which specialises in Japanese cuisine. Both restaurants have terraces looking over the course making it the perfect place for the cosy summer nights and to have lunch with friends and family.

Las Colinas also have a beach club, you can well be part of. It’s only a short 10-minute drive away on the La Glea beach, located in the town of Dehesa de Campoamor. Here you can enjoy the infinity pool looking over the Mediterranean as well as the UNiK café that is also back in the clubhouse.

Other Information:

Near Las Colinas, there are multiple schools, both public and private. Many are a short ten-minute drive away. There are many hospitals situiated near bu the golf course. Most of them are a short drive away and in the Cities of Torrevieja and San Javier. There is also many police station near by, with the closest one being 15 minutes away in San Miguel de Salinas.

The Golf Course

One of the main activities to get up to within the gated community is obviously golf. The course is one of the best in Spain and ranks within the best 100 courses around Europe. This alone brings the value of the houses around up in price.

The course is designed in a unique way making it a course for professionals and hobbyists alike. It is known as a championship course. With many different tees offered to every player, each of the 18 holes have great versatility.

One of the most beautiful part of the course is its design. The course is designed to flow and naturally fit into the surrounding environment without causing any eyesores, and we very much agree with that statement. It does this by adapting to the contours of the terrain. The man behind the design of the course is the world renowned Cabel B Robinson, who has worked on many other courses around the world. Notable works by the North American include the ‘La Reserva in Sotogrande’ (Portugal) and the ‘Royal Golf de Evian’ (France).

To give its customers and the residents the best experience possible, Las Colinas Golf and Country Club have enlisted Troon Golf to manage the course. Troon Golf are the world leader in managing golf courses, present in over 30 countries and nearly 300 courses around the world. (Mainly in America and Europe). You can always expect the best golfing experience when Troon are around. This is because Troon will only offer you the best. The best playing surfaces, the best clubhouse and facilities and the best overall experience. Many of the course managed by Troon are within the top 100 courses worldwide a few examples being, Trump Turnberry (Scotland), Abu Dhabi (UAE) and the Grove (England).

The homes:

Within the community of Las Colinas Golf and Country club there are over 20 other smaller communities. Each one of the communities offer a different designed home. Finding one perfect for you should be easy. The prices for each home, range between the €500,000 – €4,000,000. The communities of Naranjos and Hinojo also offer apartments, if they are more your taste. Apartments in the Las Colinas have a price range of between €246,000 – €356,000.

Each of the set of homes and apartments within Las Colinas are designed to respect the environment and with quality and privacy in mind. To make every build feel as open and bright as possible, every home and apartment overlook the golf course on one side and the surrounding woodland on the other side.

You are also able to design your own dream bespoke villa with the help of the skilled architects Las Colinas employ. Depending on all your needs the price for one of these properties can range from €538,000 – €3,950,000. Depending on your requirements, there are many of the individual communities you can become a part of with your bespoke villa within Las Colinas. Some of the features you can request within your villa are, Air conditioning, Electric blinds, forest/golf/sea views, basement, infinity pool and many others.