Mazarron and Bolnuevo

Mazarron and Bolnuevo

Mazarron is a town in the Southeast of Spain in the Province of Murcia. The town is quite large and has a port nearby called Puerto de Mazarron. Overall, the town has a population of 30-40,000. This area is a very popular with tourists and people moving from abroad to resettle. The journey between the town and the port can make a wonderful walking and cycling route.

The Castle, Church and Museums

One of the main attractions in the town of Mazarron is the Castle. It is called the Castillo de los Velez and was built towards the end of the 15th century. The castle is located around 30 meters above the surrounding ground, giving the castle great visibility of the surrounding area. Beside the castle is the Torre del Molinete, a watchtower that predates the castle itself. It stands over the port of Mazarron.

The main church of the town is a wonderfully crafted building. It is one of the most beautiful buildings in the town. It is called the Iglesia de San Andres de Mazarron and mass is celebrated in it every day.

In the port of Mazarron there is the Phoenician Ship Interpretation Centre. This is a museum of two ships, known as the Mazarron One and Two.

In the port, near the marina is a Roman museum: the Factoria Roman de Slazones. The town and port have a strong connection with the Romans due to their history.

The Port

From the centre of Mazarron the port is a ten-minute drive away. There are many different bars and restaurants, beaches and public baths. There is also a large marina within the port of Mazarron, with room and mooring spaces for up to 200 boats and yachts.

Near the port of Mazarron is the island of La Isla. It is a nature reserve off the coast of eastern Spain. Throughout the nature reserve there are many habitats for many different species of wildlife. The Mazarron beach opposite the island is called by the same name – ‘Playa de la Isla’.

Sport and Fitness

Throughout the town of Mazarron are many gyms and fitness centres. One of the better fitness centres is the Ana Ruiz Dance and Fitness Club. This is the ideal place to learn how to dance and improve your fitness in Mazarron. There is another gym in the port called Titans Gym. This is a gym within the centre of the port and is ideal for all the gym fanatics out there.

Mazarron’s sports complex has its own running track as well as many pitches and courts. Athletics, football and basketball are some of the main sports played here.

Bolnuevo is also a key area. Being on the coast of Spain along the Costa Calida, there will always be opportunities to take part in sports such as surfing, sailing, diving and much more. Canoeing is one of the most popular water sports in the town.

Outdoor Cinema

One of the best activities in the town of Mazarron is in the port. It is the Cine Bahia, which is an outdoor cinema. The outdoor cinema shows many different cinemas throughout the year.

It is one of the best places to have some downtime in this part of Spain.

If you’re a person who loves to sit under the stars, why not maximise this by watching a great film under the stars with your loved ones.

Wine and Dine

Mazarron is a large town with a large port in the east of Spain. Its neighbour, Bolnuevo, is a smaller town and both have numerous amounts of restaurants and bars. Some of these are the best to be found along the Costa Calida.

In the main town of Mazarron are several bars and restaurants. One of the main restaurants within the town is the El Mata restaurant. It has been serving customers for over 40 years with traditional Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant is quite cheap compared to other local restaurants.

In the port of Mazarron are many bars and restaurants. One of the best bars in the area is the Cerveceria Angel bar. It has excellent staff and great drink ideas as well as great food. They serve great traditional Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine. Their tapas dishes are some of the best in this part of Spain.

Along the seafront in Bolnuevo are many bars and restaurants, looking out onto the open Mediterranean. The beach club has its own restaurant which is one of the best restaurants in the town. It offers great staff with great drinks and menu items.

Important Information

In Mazarron there are a number of medical centres. The closest hospitals are in the city of Cartagena. Getting to this city is not a long journey. In the town of Mazarron there is a single police station. This station also covers the port. Nearby there are a few more stations and some more in the city of Cartagena.

Around the area of Mazarron there are a number of public and private schools. The closest university is in Cartagena.


The general climate of this area of the Spanish coast is a traditional Mediterranean climate. The warmest month of the year is August and the coolest month is January.