Mazarron is a town on the southeast coast of Spain. The town and port are located close to each other and combined have approximately a population between 30 – 40,000 people. Many people have chosen this area for many joyful holidays and some have even turned this town into their home. There is approximately 8 kilometres between the town and the port. This can be a great cycle or walking route. Nearby is the smaller town of Bolnuevo which has its very own beach. The town and port are packed with many attractions and activities.

Nearby Attractions and points of Interest

One of the main points of interests in the town of Mazarron is the Torre del Molinete. This tower sits next to the Castillo de los Velez. The tower was used as a watchtower looking over the coast, where the port would be, and it dates to the 13th century. So great for the history lovers. The main church within the town is Iglesia de San Andres de Mazarron, and mass is celebrated daily. The building itself is one of fantastic beauty. There is a fitness centre near the Plaza Mariana Pineda park. This park is great for smaller walks. The town also has a sports complex. Here there is a running track and a football pitch where the towns team play their games. If you are a keen athlete this would be ideal for you.

A ten-minute drive from the town and you will be at the port. Here you can experience the Playa de la Isla public baths. The baths are situated beside the small beach. There is also a marina in which you can store your boat. The marina has around 200 mooring sites, so there is plenty of a space for everyone. There is a roman museum located nearby the marina. It is called Factoria Roman de Salazones. Nearby there are some roman house with archaeological remains that you can appreciate from outside. At the Cine Bahia film screen, you can watch some new film releases on the big screen, while the stars are watching you. You can also have fun taking part in a wide range of water sports that includes jet-skiing and paddle-boarding.

Throughout the area there are plenty of restaurants and bars. At the marina there are several restaurants that give you a lovely view of the marina whilst you eat. All these restaurants offer different dishes that could interest you. There is also a seafood market here.

Important Information

Throughout Mazarron there are several medical centres you can go to in an emergency. Each one of these centres can patch you up and make you feel your normal self in no time. In the town of Mazarron there is a single Police station. This station will cover the port if Mazarron. There are some more stations in nearby towns and in the city of Cartagena.

In the area of Mazarron there is a range of post-primary, public and secondary schools. Near the port there is also a diving school if you are interested in learning how to dive or being an instructor. The closest university is in the city of Cartagena.


The general climate of this area of the Spanish coast is a traditional Mediterranean climate. The warmest month of the year is August and the coolest month would be January.