Santa Pola, Gran Alacant & La Marina

Santa Pola, Gran Alacant & La Marina

La Marina is a small coastal village and Santa Pola is a large town located along the sunny Costa Calida coastline in Spain. The village of La Marina is small and quaint, overlooking the glimmering Mediterranean sea. Santa Pola is a larger town to the north of La Marina. The combined population of this area is just over 30,000.

This area is rich in sandy, golden beaches – especially between La Marina and Santa Pola. The area is also a great place for property seekers. It is also the perfect position connecting many of the major towns and cities within the area. There are great connections to Torrevieja, Alicante and Elche (all are major cities within the province of Alicante).

Gran Alacant, commonly known as ‘the new town’, is a large town nearby Santa Pola. It is a prime spot for property buyers and lies nearby Alicante and other towns.


Santa Pola

Santa Pola is a large-size town along the Costa Calida coastline, with its own zoo, aquarium and lush, green parks. The town itself is known for being a coastal fishing town with a vibrant history. Some of the most popular trades in the area include agriculture, fishing and craft-making. The salt works and harbour are the two major employers in the town.

Off-shore, but particularly close to Santa Pola is an amazing small island with many museums, all of which are owned by the Alicante province. The island has many places to stay as well as cafés, bars and restaurants. There is also an amusement park in the town – perfect for treating the kids.

La Marina

La Marina is a wonderful small village along the Costa Calida coast. It offers six, thriving urban areas; including the Marina-Salada, Marina-Lola, La Escuera, Buenavista, Costabella and La Marina.

The town itself has multiple parks, including the nature reserve of Parque Alfonso XIII. There is also a nearby marina in the town of Guardamar del Segura. There are many restaurants and bars around the town, and the beach beside the Pinet grasslands offers golden sands and clear water – perfect for a relaxing walk or a quick swim.

Gran Alacant

Gran Alacant is a large town towards the north of Santa Pola and to the south of the city of Alicante. It is filled with many urban areas and is very close and within driving distance of the Alicante airport.

Since the early 2000’s, Gran Alacant has grown exponentially. Many foreign permanent residents choose to live here due to its key connections to other cities and towns. Meanwhile, many Spanish vacationers choose Gran Alacant as a place to have a holiday home.

Within Gran Alacant there is its very own shopping centre called Centro Commercial. It is a large shopping complex with many different shops, including wonderful restaurants and cafés. Throughout the town there is even more restaurants and bars, with a selection of over 80 to choose from. Other attractions around the town include two blue flag beaches, offering pristine shores and clear waters.

Parks and Beaches

In the small village of La Marina there are many activities you can enjoy, including a number of sporting and leisure activities. There is also a nature reserve called the Parque Alfonso XIII, in which you can observe a huge ecosystem of plants and wildlife – great for long walks in the evening sun.

Both Santa Pola and and Gran Alacant have amazing beaches. In Gran Alacant there are two beautiful blue flag beaches. One is the Playa El Carabassi beach, which is popular with locals and tourists alike. During busier periods, the beach will have lifeguards on duty.

Along the Santa Pola seafront there are six different beaches. One of the most popular beaches along the seafront is the Levante Beach: a 425-meter stretch with sunbeds and parasols for hire. The beach also has volleyball facilities and is lined with bars and restaurants. Other popular beaches are the Gran Playa beach and the Playa Tamarit beach, which is the beach furthest away from the centre of the town.

Aquarium, Sports, Zoo and much more

In the large town of Santa Pola there is a huge range of attractions and activities to suit all ages and budgets, including an aquarium and an amusement park. The amusement park is great for a family day out, whilst the aquarium exhibits marine life from the Mediterranean ocean – a great place to learn about sea life. There is a skate-park in the town, as well as a range of lush, green parks. There is also a nearby zoo, which offers an unforgettable day out.

La Marina has its own sports complex, where you can let off some steam with various activities including basketball and football. There is also a camping ground within the town, which offers great family retreat activities such as a small water park and a relaxing spa.

Gran Alacant is a large area which hosts a variety of attractions and activities. Along the nearby beaches there are many water activities,  including sailing trips, snorkeling, paragliding and more. You can even visit the nearby nature centre. Here you can learn all about the surrounding environment and the wildlife in the area and the Mediterranean.

Wine and Dine

The towns of Gran Alacant, Santa Pola and La Marina offer some of the Spain’s highest-rated bars and restaurants. Each town even has their own mini markets, where locals can buy delicious, fresh food on a weekly basis. Each town guarantees its own taste sensations, with great service and spectacular views.

Gran Alacant hosts a number of world-class restaurants, including the famous La Paletta. The restaurant offers a great Mediterranean menu and all food is homemade. Many of the main bars within the town offer great food menus (alongside great lagers and wines by the bottle). The Ohana GastroBar is a lovely bar with great food, and is great for anyone who loves a great meat dish.

Along the sea front of Santa Pola there are some amazing bars and restaurants, including Vintage, alongside the port of the town. This restaurant offers excellent cuisine, wines and cocktails in one of the most relaxing environments anywhere this side of Spain, with a lovely jazz vibe. Other great restaurants and bars include the Meson Cervantes and the Casa Rico.

One of the best restaurants in La Marina is the El Fronton restaurant. They offer great Mediterranean cuisine with one of the best wine lists in this part of Spain. The restaurant is located in the urbanization of Buenavista, just beside the Alfonso Park. Down beside the beach in La Marina there is the famous Candela restaurant, where you can enjoy delicious meals with majestic views.

Important Information

Near La Marina and Santa Pola there are many hospitals and medical centers. Overall, there is a mixed range of hospitals, including public and private hospitals. The closest hospitals are in the cities of Torrevieja and Elche. Near La Marina there is a single police station, as well as one in Santa Pola.

In the area there are a number of private and public schools. The closest cities of Torrevieja and Elche also have numerous schools and universities.


The climate around the area is very similar to the rest of the region: the warmest month is August and the coolest is January. Temperatures can rise to the late thirties and sometimes reach heights of 40 degrees celsius. Generally, the month of July leading up to August is the driest and October is the wettest, experiencing the most wet days in a single month.