Buying Properties Guide

As the only agent to give you more, we know that no one likes surprises when they are buying a property, whether in Spain or at home. So we have put together this handy quick guide of the sorts of things and costs you need to consider when buying your Dream Spanish Home.

Within this post we will give you a guide on how to buy properties. It will include information on deposits, mortgages, extra costs and buying.

You will need great legal representation (Lawyers)

We will recommend the right legal representation for you. Since we are not lawyers yourself, when it comes to getting the best advise when purchasing a property, our advise is speaking to someone who knows the law.

They will fully explain in detail the ins and outs of buying a property in Spain.


One of the most important parts of buying a property is the deposit. It might not be the full cost of the property but it’s almost putting your stamp on the property like it is yours. The property would then be reserved for you.

Generally the minimum deposit is 5,000 euros and it the property costs more than 150,000 euros you will more than likely need a second deposit.


One you have put a deposit on a property, you might need to get a mortgage to buy the property out right. Mortgages are loans from banks that are not interest free. This means until you pay the mortgage off the property is not fully yours.

Other costs

When purchasing a property there are a lot of taxes and other fee’s you should always be aware of.

  • The regional government charges an 8% ITP tax on resale properties and repossessions.
  • Mortgage tax- Set-up fees of between 1-2%
  • Stamp duty tax of 2% on new developments
  • Land registry tax of between 1-2%
  • National government charges a 10% IVA tax similar to the ITP tax. (Only charged when property is purchased from the developer)
  • Solicitor/ Lawyer
  • and legal fees
  • Other expenses