‘Golden Visa’ Basics when buying a home

‘Golden Visa’ Basics when buying a home

The ‘Golden Visa’. What are the basics when purchasing a home in Spain. First of all if you haven’t took a visit over to our Golden Visa page, we highly recommend you do. Here we explain all the How do’s, the What is and the procedure and steps to the Golden Visa. Here I will be cutting everything short and stripping back all the steps to the basics.

So let’s start. One of the best ways to apply for residency in Spain is through investments. Buying properties is the cheapest as you only need to invest a minimum of 500,000 euros. You can buy homes, plots and apartments, basically anything to do with buildings and that is over 500 grand.

So after you have chosen to invest money into Spanish properties, you will need to find the right property or properties for you. As of 2018 there are thousands of properties for sale on various websites, including our very own site here at DSH Invest.

You will then need to make sure the properties are right for you. So we recommend visiting each of the properties you have got lined up yourself. This is because, to keep your residency and potentially gain citizenship you will need to stay in Spain for the best part of the next 5 years. So finding the perfect home for you should be an essential part of your plan.

Now onto the boring part. You will also need to consult your very own lawyers, to be shown down the correct routes of the ‘Golden Visa’ process. Unless you are a lawyer yourself or know what you are doing. We will work hard to work alongside you in this part of the process but unfortunately we are not lawyers. Your lawyer will then write up all the correct papers needed for all the deals to go ahead.

The papers will be then sent to the Ministry of the Interior. This is the part where us at DSH Invest and you cross all your fingers and toes, hoping all the papers are correct. Before they are sent we will have a look at them ourselves.

Once you are approved, then prepare to move to Spain. This part of the ‘Golden Visa’ process is done. In the next 5 years you will need to be approved for residency one more time and after then apply for citizenship.

Properties that help qualify for the ‘Golden Visa’

Within our portfolio we have a range of properties from villas, townhouses and apartments that meet the ‘Golden Visa’ requirements. We are sure you will find the perfect property for you.