Cabo Roig

Cabo Roig

The area in and around Cabo Roig, La Zenia & Villamartin

Cabo Roig (Cabo Roig area) is one of the biggest areas for tourists and people looking to make a permanent move to Spain. Due to Cabo Roig being situated south of the cities of Alicante (Alicante Area) and Torrevieja (Torrevieja Area).

The surrounding area of La Regia, Monte Zenia, Castillo de Don Juan, Los Dolses, La Florida, Los Almendros, Villamartin and Villacosta are mostly urban and residential. Around these areas there are a lot of houses for sale and a very large foreign community. These areas also offer a range of restaurants and bar, to make you feel like a local.

Around this area there are a number of Irish bars, where you can sit down to a nice relaxing drink with some food. Great examples of these would be The Stray Sod, Auld Dublineer, Pint Depot and New Priory.

There are a lot of different types of restaurants around this area also. There are a few Italian restaurants, some grills/steakhouses, Mediterranean and a McDonald’s for your fast food needs.

In Cabo Roig itself there are a few beaches and a marina. There is also a historic watchtower. Beside the marina there is a Mediterranean restaurant, ideal if you out for the day. The marina is one of the most sought after mooring spaces this side of Spain as it has been recently refurbished.

Punta Prima is a town between Cabo Roig and Torrevieja. It also has many bars and restaurants and a nearby beach. Between here and Cabo Roig is Playa Flamenca and La Zenia. They offer many houses and apartments even closer to the beaches of Cabo Roig that could potentially be yours.

Important information

Around the area of Cabo Roig there is one hospital and two medical centers’. These are here for when any accidents were to occur, you can get yourself patched up. There are also many police stations located nearby. There are many hospitals nearby.

Getting to the cities of Torrevieja, Alicante and Benidorm, is quick and easy from this area. There are many bus routes to each of the cities, and you can always drive. Getting to the city of Torrevieja would take you around 15-20 minutes and the city of Benidorm would take you over an hour, which isn’t too long of a journey.

If you are moving over with your family, there is a range of schools, your children can attend. There are public schools located near Villamartin, Los Dolses and near Punta Prima. There is also a secondary school in Villamartin.

Nearby, there are two airpots, both situited in the two provinces close by. There is one airport in Murcia and another in Alicante. The airport in Murcia is down beside the coast, 26km away from the city of Murcia. It is in an airport owned by the military, so if you ever fly into or out of here, you may spot a few military vehicles. The other airport is situated just out of the city of Alicante. Both airports offer many flights directly to other parts of Spain and Europe. Having nearby airports makes it easier for guests to come and stay with you.

Nearby Activities

The area around Villamartin and Villacosta would be great for lovers of golf. Overall there are four nearby golf courses called Las RamblesLomas de CampoamorLas Colinas (Las Colinas Area)and Campo de Golf Villamartin. All the courses that are local have 18 holes, for you to practice full games.

There is also a local shopping centre called La Zenia Boulevard. Overall there are up to 150 shops, some that you could be familiar with such as Primark, Stradivarius and Jack and Jones. There are many other shops, for everyone including many sports shops, baby shops and shoe shops. The shopping centre also offers a casino that used to be in Torrevieja and a bowling alley located on the 1st floor of the centre. They also have different activities around the year.

You are also able to get involved in some water sports and activities down at the Cabo Roig marina. Many of these activities depend on the time of year and some close on Mondays. You can get involved with Kayaking and have a go on a Jet ski. There is also great walking and cycling routes around the area. We would recommend renting a bike if you do not have one yourself, for a lovely scenic cycle out towards the city of Orihuela if you are up for a long journey.


The weather around this area is generally good all year round, so if you are looking to get away from the bad weather back home, this place would be perfect. As the area is off the Mediterranean, a typical Mediterranean climate is very typical of this area. Overall the average temperature for each month doesn’t go below 10 degrees, which I am sure you would be happy about. Temperatures can reach as high as 40 degrees in the summer months. In the summer months the amount of rainy days is usually below five.