Elche, Crevillente & Novelda

Elche, Crevillente & Novelda

Crevillente and Novelda are two large towns located near the city of Elche (Elche Area). All of them are located west of Alicante (Alicante Area) and are around an hour drive from the Capital of the province.

The town of Elche is known for its old town and the Palmeral of Elche and is famous worldwide for its palm trees, declaring their palm grove a worldwide heritage site in the year 2000. The city has a population of over 200,000 people and almost the same amount of palm trees of people. The town has many activities you can get involved in as well as many monuments you can visit and see for yourself.

Nearby Elche is the small town of Crevillente. The town has a population of just under 30,000 people and is famous for producing carpets and pomegranates on a large scale. Around the town there are a few different monuments, attractions and spots you should visit, including the Museo de la Semana Santa de Crevillent, which is a museum within the town.

The town of Novelda is located to the North of Elche. The town has a population of just under thirty thousand people and is known for its grapes and marble production. To the south of the town, there is an area called the ‘grapes valley’. The town itself has several attractions including the castle of Castillo de la Mola.

Nearby Activities and points of interest

Throughout the town of Elche there are many activities and points of interests. Near the town centre you can visit the Palmeral of Elche, which is a small garden filled with many trees and plants. This helps the town with its exotic feel. Nearby there is also the church Basilica de Santa Maria. You can take a tour of this church and the costs go towards its maintenance. You can reach the church bell at the top of the four floors.  There is also a zoo an amusement park and a museum you should visit. The amusement park has an escape room game which is great for all the family.

Novelda also has a range of activities you can get up to as well as the town of Crevillente. One of the best places of interests you should always visit is the Castillo de la Mola. This castle is beautifully constructed, and you can even go to the top of the tower to see views beyond the city of Novelda. Throughout the town of Novelda there are a few separate churches. All are great buildings to see and appreciate. Within Crevillente there is the Natural Park of El Fondo. Visitors to the park can get involved in many sports including water sports. There is also the Parque Natural El Hondo nature reserve nearby. The museum of Samana Santa de Crevillente is still the main attraction within the town.

Throughout Elche, Crevillente and Novelda there are many restaurants and bars, you can enjoy a relaxing meal and drink in. There are also multiple different walks around each town and city, in which we highly recommend. Beaches are not far away either, with Alicante and Torrevieja being close by, you can find many coastal beaches easily for a day out.

Important info

Throughout the town of Elche and the two towns of Crevillente and Novelda there is a total of 7 hospitals and medical centre’s. There are also numerous amounts of police stations nearby each of the 3 places, if you ever need any help or assistance. There are many public schools throughout the region of Elche. In the town of Elche there is even an international school, business and language schools. Within the town of Elche there is also several universities.

To get to this area, the easiest places to fly into would be the Murcia or Alicante airport. These airports have many flights that arrive from Europe daily, so it would not be hard to find a flight for you. You can then get a taxi or a bus to bring you to each one of the towns mentioned or rent a car. If you have your own car, then you are already set.


A Mediterranean climate triumphs around this area. The hotter months are the months of June, July and August and the coolest being December, January and February. Generally, around this area you will experience a nice mild temperature for the best part of the year, with very little rain. The wetter months are those months at the start of the year.