Costa Calida & La Manga

Costa Calida & La Manga

The Costa Calida is one of the many coastlines along the Spanish Southern coast. The coast line starts from the town of Aguilas near the Almeria province and extends past the city of Cartagena, the town of La Manga and extends to the town of El Mojon on the Murcia/Alicante border. This is a very large coast stretching over 250 kilometres.

This coastline is blessed with many sandy beaches, dunes and pine forests. There is also many picturesque smaller towns and villages scattered all over the Costa Calida. Puerto de Mazarron, La Azohia, El Portus, Portman, Cape Palos and La Manga are a few examples of these beautiful towns. In the Northern part of the Costa Calida coast, there is the Mar Menor. The Mar Menor is Europe’s largest saltwater lagoon as it is not part of the Mediterranean Sea. The Mar Menor is separate from the Med by a long strip of land called La Manga.

Along this stretch of coast, the city of Cartagena is situated as well as the towns of Mazzaron (Mazarron Area) and Aguilas. All of which are very important to the coastline and influential within the surrounding areas. The town of Aguilas is situated at the southern part of the Costa Calida, here you can see many historic buildings, monuments and archaeological sites. The coast here is also beautiful.

All other smaller towns and villages such as El Portus, Portman, La Azohia and Bolnuevo all offer many activities. Each one has a beach or many beaches you can enjoy as well as get up to water sports from some of the nearby adventure sport centres. Each one also has a range of restaurants and bars.

La Manga is a unique town of the Costa Calida coast. Only here you can swim in two sea different sea’s and watch the sunrise and sunset. The whole of La Manga stretches for approximately 24km between the Mediterranean Sea and Mar Menor. With many sandy beaches and many activities, it has become a very attractive tourist spot. If you are thinking of a move here, you will not be disappointed. Here atLa Manga there is a club you can become apart of. Here you can purchase a property and become one of the 2 and a half thousand of residents in this part of Spain. Being a resident gives you superb perks including access to 3, 18-hole golf courses, 28 tennis courts and 8 football pitches.



Around the Costa Calida Coat there are various amounts of activities you can get involved in. There are many sports teams and facilities to find the perfect sport for you. Throughout the many major towns and cities, you can visit a range of restaurants and bars. Many of the cities and towns have historic attractions, if you want to be a tourist for a day or two.

Throughout the region you can visit many museums. In the town of Aguilas there is the Castillo de san Juan de las Aguilas Museum and the Municipal Archaeological Museum. You can also take a visit to one of the many parks and beaches situated throughout the whole of the Costa Calida. There are also many wonderful churches and parishes you could visit as they are beautiful architecturally.

Within an hour’s journey of any part of the Costa Calida, there are many golf courses. This includes and courses in the Alicante province and the courses at La Manga. There is also a waterpark nearby called the Terra Natura, which is great for all the family. You can also take part in one of the many water sports offered to you throughout the Costa Calida.