Quesada belongs to the small town of Rojales. It is situated just 8km from the beaches of the Mediterranean in the towns of Campomar and Guardamar del Segura. The town is very popular with foreigners moving to Spain or buying their second home.

In around each of the smaller communities in Quesada, there are many bars and restaurants. One of the main little communities is Dona Pepa, and here there is a spa, a bank, supermarkets and many other shops.

Near Quesada is the town of El Raso. El Raso is an urban town with homes of many foreigners. In the town there are a few bars, shops and resaturants. It would be best to venture out to the nearest spots, either Quesada or Campomar to get involved in some activities.

Nearby Activities and Points of Interest

The town has a lot of points of interests and activities you can get up to that are nearby. Throughout the town there are many different bars and restaurants. There is a British restaurant, and a mixed range of other restaurants. The town main street has a bowling alley and a mini golf where you can also get food and drink. There is also a bowls club in which you can play lawn bowls and become a member. This is beside another bowling alley. The town also has a gym for when the weather takes a slight turn for the worst (Which does not happen a lot), you can still complete your workout. Nearby there is a nature reserve and many other parks which allow you to experience the area by walking ang cycling. Nearby is the town of Rojales and Benijofar. They both sit on the Segura River.

Important Information

Quesada is around 15-20 minutes away from the nearest hospital. There are two hospitals in the nearby city of Torrevieja. There is a private hospital located closer to the town that is located near the town of Los Palacios. In the nearby town of Benijofar there is a medical centre and a clinic. There is also a medical centre in the town of Quesada. The nearest police station is in the town of Rojales, with another 2 stations in the city of Torrevieja.

Within Quesada there are two schools, a music school and a public school. Outside of Quesada there are the towns of Benijofar and Rojales and these have many different schools including private schools, a golf school at the La Marquesa golf course and a flight school. The closest universities are in the cities of Torrevieja and Orihuela.


The weather in this region of Alicante is very similar to the cities north of this region. This makes Quesada an all year-round town to get a nice tan. The warmest months are the summer months of July, August and September with August usually being the warmest out of the three. The coolest month in January and the wettest is October.

Generally, in this region it does not rain that often.